Translation Technology Portfolio

The field of translation has quickly become inseparable from technology, with everything from translation memory and file preparation tools to translation management systems and now AI becoming integral to every step in the translation process. As the industry expands and rapidly adopts trends in technology, it is crucial for language professionals to gain a firm grasp on the newest translation technology tools.

This portfolio showcases two group projects—a pilot project for machine translation and a project evaluating TMSs (Translation Management System).

Machine Translation Pilot Project

In this project, my group created a machine translation engine for translating financial articles from Japanese into English using articles from Nikkei and The Wall Street Journal. We used Systran and Microsoft Custom Translator to assess which platform worked better for our texts, and we discovered that Microsoft produced better translations. We then further trained on Microsoft to produce higher quality translations. Below you can find the pilot project proposal as well as our video presentation summarizing lessons learned.

Lessons Learned Video Presentation

TMS Evaluation & Selection Project

In this project, our group assessed a range of TMSs (Translation Management System) for a small language service provider focusing on video game localization. We evaluated TMSs to see which one best met the business requirements of the company in order to make a recommendation. Below you can find the video presentation on our evaluation process and final recommendation.

Evaluation and Selection Video Presentation