Team Project in Trados

As part of an assignment in a translation technology class, I worked on a group project that aimed to simulate a real-life translation project with a client. Our group decided to translate a press release from Volvo into Japanese and English, and our main translation tool for this was Trados. This exercise was very helpful in testing our skills as translators and language service professionals, as well as an opportunity to learn about some of the challenges of negotiating with a client.

Below you will find our group’s project proposal, the source text, the Japanese and Spanish deliverables, and a video presentation summarizing our lessons learned. If you want to take a look at all our deliverables from this project in more detail, you can download them at the bottom of this post.

Project Proposal

Source Text

Japanese Translation Deliverables

I took part in the Japanese translation process along with one other team member. In addition to Trados, we used tools such as AntConc and Multiterm to extract and select terms to include in the glossary.

Spanish Translation Deliverables

Video Presentation

Watch here

Full deliverables:

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